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British hand-made suitcase “Liemoch”: inspiration of international travel

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The 4th Luxury China expo will kick off on July3-5, 2015 in Beijing Exhibition Center. It has been regarded as the top show in Asia. At present, there are more than 300 high-end brands from more than 30 countries, including luxury car, watch, jewelry, red wine, leather goods, luxury tourism and luxury furniture etc.  Liemoch, luxury suitcase will exhibit on Luxury China.

Adventure, wealth and history are the value of Liemoch. Liemoch originated in 1907, a British designer captured by an inspiration in an international travel, a new era for travel suitcase dawned. From then on, Liemoch, due to its pure hand made craftsmanship and custom to made service,  becomes the companion of high-end travelers, exhibits greater brand values to respectable personages.

To differentiate from common suitcase, Mr Liemoch got inspired from luxury cruise, poured into a common suitcase entire new function, created a plane yet water screening outlook, accomplished subversive innovation.

Liemoch product line encompassing golden suitcase, oil painting suitcase, Concierge suitcase, and showy suitcase. All products are made by seasoned craftsman through hundreds delicate processes. Customer to made golden suitcase gilds with pure gold, customer to made oil painting suitcase is paint by highly skilled artist, incorporating aesthetics, in the flow of everything, you will feel the noble aroma of purely hand crafted customer to made suitcase.