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The 4th Luxury China expo will kick off on July3-5, 2015 in Beijing Exhibition Center. It has been regarded as the top show in Asia. At present, there are more than 300 high-end brands from more than 30 countries, including luxury car, watch, jewelry, red wine, leather goods, luxury tourism and luxury furniture etc. Meissen couture, no 1 European porcelain will exhibit in Luxury China.

Meissen has a heritage of more than 300 years, is reputed to be no. 1 porcelain brand in Europe. Reportedly, the initial Meissen porcelain was fired out in 1709, endowed with a name” white gold”and enjoyed fame throughout Europe. The technology and formula became Meissen’s enormous wealth as the first Meissen factory was built in 1710. Every Meissen artifact has a unique story and meaning, complex production processes limited its quantity, thus making Meissen porcelain the apple of collector’s eye, winning favor in all previous auctions.

In 2005, a pair of elaborate porcelain “Egret” was sold at 560 million euros by Christie's auction house, created a new Meissen art auction record.

Meissen porcelain is a cultural heritage that German people, in particular Dresden, are quite proud of. From 13th century, Meissen has always been the object of pursuit among European royalties, celebrities and politicians, which makes Meissen porcelain products as precious as gold. For collectors who love porcelain products, the German Meissen porcelain is like the ultimate treasure. Austro Hungarian empress Sissi had a collection of several thousand Meissen porcelain in her time. By now, their worth has risen dozens times, the total value is tens of millions of euros. A set of early "one thousand one nights", also worth more than 100000 euros, is sought earnestly by players.