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Russian modern art——Peal of Euro-Asia culture

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The 4th Luxury China will kick off on July3-5, 2015 in Beijing Exhibition Center, which is co-organized by China Chamber of International Commerce and Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Company. Luxury China attracts lots of high-end crowd gathering in Beijing each year and has been perceived the most influential trading platform in Asia.Zoyaart will exhibit in Luxury China exhibition.

Zoyaart is dedicated to promote Russian modern art, all products has been through rigorous selection and classification under certain design ideology, every piece is the ingenious creation of the most outstanding Russian modern artists. Zoyaart is the keystone of popularization and excellent original art platform to promote Russian art in mainland China.

Zoyaart’s exhibits in Luxury China will exhibit radiant imagination and creativity. The artists are good at discovering and exploring beauty of objects, and using oil paint technique express artistic beauty, communicate his own subjective feelings. Their works hold true to Russian realistic tradition and objective nature, are sensitive to changes of people’s aesthetic tastes, have powerful visual impact.  You will have a feel of mystery appreciating these oil paint.  It is like reading a love poem or drink a fine wine, Russian oil paint reflects extreme high artistic value.

As the value of modern art appreciate rapidly, the group that collect modern art has widened to investment realm. Zoyaart wish to help Chinese audience understand Russian modern art and spiritual world of modern Russian people.  These perfect artifacts will showcase a harmonious and dynamic live experience. The viewer can appreciate all their beauty and find the resonance in his or her soul, come back to luxury of nature and find the true color of life.