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Luxury China holds this july, 300 ultimate brands showcase

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The 4th Luxury China will kick off on July3-5, 2015 in Beijing Exhibition Center, which is co-organized by China Chamber of International Commerce and Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Company. Luxury China attracts lots of high-end crowd gathering in Beijing each year and has been perceived the most influential trading platform in Asia. More than 300 world renowned brands will showcase in Luxury China.

Meissen porcelain is a cultural heritage that German people, in particular Dresden, are quite proud of. From 13th century, Meissen has always been the object of pursuit among European royalties, celebrities and politicians, which makes Meissen porcelain products as precious as gold. For collectors who love porcelain products, the German Meissen porcelain is like the ultimate treasure. Austro Hungarian empress Sissi had a collection of several thousand Meissen porcelain in her time. By now, their worth has risen dozens times, the total value is tens of millions of euros. A set of early "one thousand one nights", also worth more than 100000 euros, is sought earnestly by players.

Italian luxury brand Geminos will showcase in Luxury China this July. Geminos was born from one of those happy coincidences in life - two aficionados brought together by a common aesthetic sensibility and a meeting of minds which continuously complement one other. This is the story of Anna and Franco. Anna’s interest in antiques and objet d’art started with furniture at the end of the 80s. She began using her hands to appreciate high quality goods and precious woods and how to return them to their original splendor. As Valenza, where she is based, has a renowned history in the goldsmith trade and is part of the whole antiquarian market, Anna’s move from furniture to jewelery was seamless. Franco is one of those Italian artist-craftsmen whose skilled hands are driven by a passion for his work and a creative mind. After 40 years in the trade he feels he deserves a rest but not before his skills are passed down to someone who will carry on his work following his codes of practice. Anna and Franco are dedicated exclusively to the design and creation of cufflinks, combining traditional knowhow with creativity and innovation and the result is Geminos.

As a perfect example of the marriage between fashion and high-tech in international high-end projection field, iLEP laser projector is the joint creation of world renowned Italian brand SIM2 and Shanxi coal Laser Technology Co., Ltd., the world's only pure laser 3DLP home theater models. According to the different needs of high-end customers, iLEP can provide exclusive customized services for customers, and strive to bring surpassing enjoyment beyond the theater for users to relish!

Italian, French customized customs, European butler service, German porcelain, English antique, artifact auction, luxury tapestry, Poland Amber, French luxury hotel will strike a pose in Luxury China 2015, showcase luxury lifestyle comprehensively. China element will be another highlight, Luxury Chinese tea, teapot, Taiwan Golden customized mobile phone shell, with the international brands echoing, sharing a common stage, give a new meaning and perspective for luxury living.