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The exhibition is expected to attract 50,000 audience to visit the three-day exhibition.

Visitors & Participants
◇The membership of CCOIC
◇Luxury distributors and agents
◇Important members of the government department leaders
◇VIP gold bullion clients of banks and security companies
◇Senior executives of banks and five-star hotels
◇Luxury house and deluxe villa owners and potential customers
◇Private clubs' VIP
◇Collectors and connoisseurs
◇Magnates in Magnate List, starsand celebrities
◇Fashion purchasers and luxury professional staff

CCOIC will invite entrepreneurs and successful people across the country and enterprises around the world to participate in the exhibition by using its interna-tional network. It will also specially invite entrepreneurs of large enterprises, high-end consumer groups from specific cities to pay a special visit to the exhibitions, offering various enterprises the greatest opportunity of meeting supply and demand.

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